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Ignorance Kills! Awareness is Empowering !

MKC ( Roko Cancer Campaign ) is a registered charity functioning towards the cause of creating Awareness and Early Detection of Cancer among people around the world especially emphasizing on urban; semi urban; and rural India, United Kingdom, and in developing countries through its fully equipped early Mobile Cancer Detection and Awareness units reaching to the community at large.

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For any queries in India please contact dirindia@rokocancer.org, +91 011 26279920, +91 011 26270602 | For any queries in UK please contact finadmin@rokocancer.org , +44 (0) 2077917509

Global Office: Chawlsons House (Ist Floor), 191-193 Commercial Road, London E1 2BT Fax: +44 (0) 207 265 8060 | UK registered charity number 1088603