About Us

Greetings from ‘Roko Cancer Charitable Trust’, an initiative of the MKC Trust, United Kingdom.

About us
 ‘Roko’ means ‘Stop’ and ‘Cancer’ is universally perceived as the most rapacious killer of human existence. Roko Cancer, therefore, in vernacular means ‘Stop Cancer’.

With this as the central idea, Roko Cancer Charitable Trust is committed to identifying and eliminating BREAST, CERVICAL AND ORAL cancer in an institutionalized and structured manner by creating awareness amongst women of the nuances of this dreadful disease and its early detection through screening processes and self-examinations.

It is believed that detection of cancer in stage one has almost 90 percent chance of survival whereas it has an almost negligible chance of cure in stage four. The anthem, therefore, is that
“cancer if detected early can be defeated easy”.

Apropos the above, Roko Cancer Charitable Trust was set up in 2005, primarily for spreading awareness and early detection of Breast Cancer by a London based NRI of distinction and vision, Mr APS Chawla. Mr Chawla himself had gone through the excruciating trauma of his wife’s untimely demise at the hands of breast cancer. To save precious lives he emerged like a phoenix from the ambers of his personal grief and translated his tragedy into a relentless crusade against breast cancer, so that others may not go through the anguish and ignominy due to sheer ignorance.

With such alarming and mind-boggling estimates staring us coldly in the face, and a harbinger of things to come, Mr Chawla created the ’Roko Cancer Charitable’ Trust with specific objectives to help women help themselves in keeping cancer at bay. While ignorance is normally bliss, in this case, it is a curse!

Hence it is not all doom and gloom. We at Roko Cancer have waged a crusade towards eliminating Cancer. I take this opportunity to apprise you about the activities of our Trust, Roko Cancer. As the name suggests, ‘Roko’ means ‘Stop’ and hence the mission of our Trust is to detect, halt and eventually eradicate cancer from society. We consider even ‘one tiny step as a giant leap’ if we are able to save a single life through our effort. By this token, we have had a remarkable success record in our campaign.

Our Trust has been a pioneer in launching India’s first fully equipped, sophisticated Mobile Cancer Detection Units. This gives us the flexibility of conducting “Mammograms” and “Pap Smear/LBC” tests for women and “Oral Cancer Tests and counseling for de-addiction” for men in various urban, semi urban and rural areas. In our drive we have conducted 4,641 ‘Awareness and detection’ camps during the period from 2005 to date in 20 States and Union Territories. Presently, the Mobile Detection Units are equipped to detect Breast, Cervix and Oral cancer. We also do diabetes, ECG and BP investigations/diagnosis as well. Mammography, oral screening operations and pap smears are performed by well trained lady doctors who are experts in their field and dedicated to the cause. We are proud to state that from 2005 up to now we have carried out about roughly 6, 04,056 examinations /awareness camps and conducted 67, 590 mammography.

We started it to be a women empowering cancer care program, but now we work for men as well in the field of Oral Cancer. Although Women Empowerment still remains are main and key focus and we target the two most deadly cancers in women along with oral cancer. There are specialized sessions conducted for youngsters and adolescents on TOBACCO CESSATION so as to nip it in the bud and catch them at the earliest age possible so that they don’t develop such habits.

The endeavour of our Trust is to ultimately launch Mobile Cancer Detection Units in all States of India for awareness and early detection and thereafter forward the suspected cases to cancer hospitals for further investigations and treatment. The Roko Cancer Trust has also initiated education and training programs for students, ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwives) and ASHA workers to identify warning signs of cancer at a very early stage. We also conduct ‘Train-a-Trainee’ program that in turn become our flag bearers pan INDIA

Any Organization/ workplace with female and male population can benefit from our campaign against Breast, Cervix and Oral Cancer detection at a nascent and manageable stage. However educated they may be, yet there would be many facts they would be ignorant of. Male employee’s family can also benefit while males themselves can benefit from oral cancer awareness and diagnosis, which is equally life-threatening and next in line of dreaded Cancers in terms of human lives lost.

We see Healthcare as the most ‘enduring CSR and welfare’ initiative for the general population and their families. The contribution and support from anyone and everyone is solicited. With more hands on deck, we can strengthen our resolve to fight against this silent killer. Donations for this humanitarian cause are always desirable and exempted from tax.

These funds are used to enhance and augment healthcare services provided by us to fight cancer and other dreaded diseases threatening mankind. We look forward to everybody’s co-operation as an equal partner in this noble cause and sincerely hope to spread the message of empowerment through awareness of cancer, thus saving precious lives.

The aim of our Trust is to save precious lives and alleviate anguish and trauma among our countrymen and women due to cancer. The naked truth is that if we can catch Cancer early, we can crack it immediately.

We seek your indulgence for this cause!!!



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