Roko Cancer appeals all of you to take a pledge that you’ll help us in saving lives of people, who are struggling with Cancer, because we believe that every effort counts, whether big or small, but it makes a difference, so request you to give your bit. One lady Ms. K.M. Karabasamma, aged about 42 […]

Roko Cancer Charitable Trust proudly conducted India’s first ever preventive oncology conference-‘PrOnco’ for the general public.The conference took place on 4th Nov 2016 at The Imperial,New Delhi.Top oncologists from India,US, and the UK along with researchers from abroad participated in the conference.The prime focus of this conference was aware people about the prevention and screening […]

Roko Cancer is proud to announce that Dr. Harsh Vardhan Ex-minister for Health and Family Welfare, now Minister at Ministry of Science and Technology (India), and Ministry of Earth Sciences has agreed to be our chief guest at Pr’ Onco ( International conference on Preventive Oncology)  2016, at The Imperial, New Delhi on November 04, 2016. 

Moringa: The Herb That Can Stop Cancer? Moringa is an herb that I had never really heard of until quite recently. Yet, it’s been used for many millennia by people across Africa, Asia and India for culinary purposes (tasting something like radish). But what has got scientists very excited is its cancer healing properties potential. […]

CANCER is considered as one of the most feared killer diseases in the world. Though progress has been made through research by scientist and physicists all over the world to find better treatment and faster cure, it still takes heavy toll of lives around the world. Until the discovery of HIV/AIDS, Cancer was the most […]

Greetings from Roko Cancer Charitable Trust. State Cancer Society Of Meghalaya and Department Of Health and Family Welfare, Government Of Meghalaya initiated a Cancer Awareness and Detection Campaign in the state of Meghalaya in association with ROKO CANCER CHARITABLE TRUST, India an initiative of MKC Trust, UK. As per the MOU signed by the Meghalaya […]

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