Our Journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and that one step makes all the difference. Roko Cancer's journey is one such example where it made a huge difference in spreading awareness about Cancer.

A vision anchored in the future that was flagged off by the Chawla family and Mr. Ajinder Pal Singh Chawla in memory of his wife Mrs Manjit Kaur Chawla, who lost her life to the much dreaded word Cancer at an early age. An effort that voiced its appeal loud and clear “Roko Cancer” – It could happen to you. The movement gained momentum on 16th Dec 2005 when the Trust launched its First Fully Equipped Mobile Breast Cancer Detection Unit for the semi urban and rural areas of Punjab, As volunteers and cause driven partners joined hands globally, Roko Cancer’s clarion call started reaching out its buzzword of “awareness is empowering” to the far flung rural and semi urban areas of India, at a fast and furious pace. A first ever Fully Equipped Mobile Breast cancer Detection Unit, that takes a journey for a cause through the tough terrains of Meghalaya, Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Ajinder Pal Singh Chawla, is the visionary behind MKC (Manjit Kaur Chawla) Trust. The trust was launched at London by Chawla Family in memory of Mr. APS Chawla’s wife, who lost her life to breast cancer at a very early age. Mr Chawla is working with Cherie Blair, Baroness Amos, Baroness Verma, Lord Karan Billimoria, Lord Dholokia, Keith Vaz, Geoff Hoon, Sandra Howard, Sarah Kennedy and many other prominent dignitaries in UK to highlight the disease among ethnic minorities. ROKO CANCER CHARITABLE TRUST is an NGO working towards the cause of creating Awareness and Detection of Breast Cancer among women living in the urban, semi urban and rural areas of India. The charity will also be conducting awareness camps for Cervix, Prostate and Oral Cancer in the coming months. “ROKO”- The Hindi word means “STOP” Our mission is to capacitate the far flung semi urban and rural belt that are incapacitated, with the buzzword of AWARENESS ON CANCER with the slogan “Early Detection leads to cure”.

Our challenge is to fight Breast Cancer, Cervix Cancer, Prostate and Oral Cancer with passion and professionalism for lasting results and to help men and women help themselves and their families by providing awareness on Cancer, Detection, Sharing knowledge, Empowerment and Build Capacity.
The Trust funded a treatment room in St. Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney in their newly extended building on 18th Nov 04. Mrs. Sandra Howard performed the unveiling ceremony of the plaque for this treatment room. Awareness of Breast Cancer to the diverse communities through audio visual, media and other means in being propagated among the ethnic communities in their own languages in UK.

The First milestone for the charity in India was to create a Bracky Therapy Wing in Sri Guru Ramdas Rotary Cancer Hospital, Amritsar (Punjab). Approximately 20 million people were without the facility.
Now we have our Operational Head office located in New Delhi and regional offices at Meghalaya and Punjab. We operate international activities through our office in United Kingdom. Project offices are established as per the requirement.

Moreover, we have our 10 Awareness and Screening Mobile Detection Units which travel PAN India and well trained team of doctors, radiographers as well as accomplished trainers.