Flow of Cancer Awareness, Screening & Detection Camp

Below is the complete detail of the flow of Cancer Awareness, Screening & Detection Camp organized by Roko Cancer

• Each camp is a one-day camp covering 150-200 people for awareness, screening and detection of Breast, Cervix and Oral Cancer
• 09:30 am – Team arrives and camp preparation is done
• 10:00 am – Camp commences and registration starts
• Services provided in the camp
– Complete registration including history of each patient
– BP and Random Blood Sugar tests for each patient
– Oral visual examination by trained doctor for Oral Cancer screening
– Clinical breast examination by trained doctor for Breast Cancer
– On the spot mammography for suspected cases of breast cancer
– Clinical examination for Cervix Cancer
– On the spot PAP Smear test for suspected cases of cervix cancer
– Audio-visual awareness session on signs & symptoms and risk factors of cancer and on how maintain a healthy lifestyle
– One to one counselling for self-breast examination and to maintain hygiene
– One to one counselling for tobacco cessation

• 2:30 pm – Registration closes
• 3:00- 3:30 pm – camp gets over
• Reports of mammography and PAP Smear tests conducted are disseminated to organiser/ facilitator within 10-15 days.
• Patients are called and informed to collect their reports and are advised for any further diagnosis/ treatment if needed.
• The patients are followed up again a month later in order to ensure that they have taken further actions needed.
• Suspected cases requiring further diagnosis/ treatment are guided to hospitals where they can avail highly subsidized/ free treatment.