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Director’s Message

I believe, “Ignorance Kills, Awareness is Empowering”. We at Roko Cancer started our journey against Cancer in 2001 in London under the name MKC Trust, and then we started a PAN India campaign in 2005 with the name Roko Cancer Charitable Trust.

Roko Cancer started with the vision of spreading awareness and detecting Breast Cancer at an early age in order to save lives. We later on extended our services to other prevalent Cancers viz. Cervix, Oral and Prostrate Cancer and also extended our approach to detect and screen Anemia in women and malnutrition in children by providing Government approved health supplements to the identiied cases.

According to WHO, cancer is the second largest non-communicable disease, which accounts for 8.8 million deaths every year, this is because of lack of awareness among people and they take health as a last priority. To mitigate this disease burden, we need to bring awareness in the community and detect the cases at an early stage, so that we could cure it completely with less expenditure in comparison of advanced cases, where the cost of treatment is very high and the chance of survival is less. Cancer is growing at an alarming rate; we emphasise upon awareness, screening and early detection of this noxcious disease.

We at Roko Cancer have adopted this mission of spreading awareness and providing screening and detection services for Cancer, Anemia in women and Malnutrition in children at their doorstep in the community.

I would like to thank all our supporters (Government, PSUs, Corporates and philanthrophists) who gave us the opportunity and shown faith on us so that we could serve the community. I believe health care is the most endeauring CSR and welfare initiative for the general population and their families. The contribution and support from anyone and everyone is solicited. I appeal to the Government, PSUs, Corporates and private bodies for adopting our campaign for their CSR initiative this year or the next.

Every penny from your donation will be used for spreading awareness, distributing lealets, capacity building session and early detection of cancer, anemia in children and malnutrition in children.


Director – India

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