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Malnutrition & Anaemia

ANAEMIA: The recently released National Family Health Survey (NFHS) IV shows 56% of women in India are suffering from anemia, a serious condition that can have long-term health impacts for mother and child. Among pregnant women, anaemia has increased from 50% to 59%. Anaemia is common throughout India, among children age 6-59 months and women age 15-49 years.

MALNUTRITION: India is facing a serious burden of malnutrition. According to the Global Nutrition Report 2017, 38 percent of children under five are affected by stunting – children too short for their age due to lack of nutrients, suffering irreversible damage to brain capacity. About 21 percent of children under 5 are defined as ‘wasted’ or ‘severely wasted’ – meaning they do not weigh enough for their height.


Our proposed operational strategy is to create Awareness followed by general health check-up and Screening Camps for Anemia (in women) and Malnutrition (in children). Through this, we wish to educate people about healthy lifestyle, the importance of balanced diet and risk factors, sign and symptoms of the above said diseases and to provide the Govt approved supplements. (which have been distributed in some States through Ministry of women & Child Development under ICDS scheme).



1 To identify the cases of Malnutrition (in children of age 7-36 months) and Anemia (in women of age 15-49 years)  and on the spot intervention by providing govt. approved health supplements to improve health conditions.

2 To conduct free screening health check-up camps for women and children and distribution of govt. approved health supplements to improve health conditions.

3 To create awareness in the community and the govt schools by trained doctors using audio-visual aid, distribution of IEC (Information, Education and Communication)/ BCC (Behavior Change Communication) material, one to one counseling, on the spot health talk on malnutrition and anemia impressing upon population the imperatives of healthy life style, balanced yet affordable diet and proper health care.

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