Our Team, Our Strength

Roko Cancer Team is the backbone of its 24X7X365 service towards its mission to eradicate Cancer from the planet.

Management Team

Mr. APS Chawla- Chairman
Mr. Gurdeep Singh- Managing Trustee
Brig. Bhanu Sud- Director, India
Mr. Jaspal Bansil- Cancer Ambassador

UK Team

Our UK Team does fundraising for conducting camps in Punjab under the schemeĀ “NRIs Adopt Your Village”. The team also organizing charity events under the guidance of Mr. Gurdeep Sing (Managing Trustee). The fund collected through these events goes for the betterment of the community in India, particularly in Punjab.

Delhi Team

We have a camp implementation team of 2 managers, 3 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 radiographer, 1 coordinator, 3 drivers and 6 support staff cum volunteers guided by the Trustees and the Director. Further, whenever required, we have the capacity to expand our team by recruiting or hiring (on per camp basis) skilled manpower to ensure the smooth running of our operations

Punjab Team

We have a camp implementation team of team of 1 operational managerĀ 2 doctors, 8 nurses and radiographers, 2 coordinators, 3 drivers and support staff and volunteers guided by the Trustees.