Creating a Healthy World

By spreading awareness about cancer, Roko Cancer is spreading smiles by helping thousands of people around the world.

Roko Cancer Charitable Trust is a not for profit organization committed to fight cancer and preventing deaths due to cancer, especially in women, by timely and early detection. Cancer if detected early is fully curable, whereas if not detected in time it can lead to death/devastation for the patient and the entire family. The cancer burden and mortality rate due to cancer in India is abnormally high because of lack of awareness and lack of access to screening and detection facilities.

Roko Cancer has adopted the mission of reaching out to the masses for screening and early detection of breast and cervical cancer in women and oral cancer in men and women. We have well equipped mobile units (buses) with mammography machines and provision for PAP tests with a team of trained and skilled doctors, radiographers and paramedics to carry out mobile screening and detection camps along with awareness and capacity building campaigns. We not only educate and sensitize the patients but also train the health workers, ASHA and Anganwadi workers to spread awareness and help the communities and the society in our fight against cancer and bringing down the mortality rate and saving lives.
We are registered with NGO DARPAN Platform of NITI Aayog, Government of India with Reg. No. DL/2017/0153993

Services provided by Roko Cancer

1. Mass awareness about cancer and other lifestyle disorders
2. Capacity Building Workshops for Front Line Workers viz ASHAs, Anganwadi workers and village volunteers.
3. Train the trainee program for creating peer educators
4. Screening of breast cancer by trained doctor and emphasis on self-breast examination
5. On the spot mammography tests for high-risk cases of Breast Cancer
6. Screening of cervix cancer by trained doctor
7. On the spot PAP Smear test for high-risk cases of cervix cancer
8. Screening of Oral cancer by trained doctor through oral visual examination
9. Screening of prostate cancer and on the spot PSA tests sampling
10. ECG test
11. BP and Random Blood Sugar test
12. Screening for Anemia in women and provision of approved health supplements.
13. Screening for Malnutrition in children and provision of approved health supplements
14. Follow up of all suspected cases, monitoring and guiding them for further diagnosis/ treatment.
15. School health programs for awareness in adolescents
16. To the needy people, provision of mobility aids (crutches) under the rehabilitation program.