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Sponsor a Cancer early detection camp

In this camp we have our Fully Equipped Mobile Cancer early detection unit with fully trained and experienced Doctors, radiographer, technician along with some volunteers, which not only early detect Cancer but also spread awareness and provide a moral support to Cancer Patients. As we believe that Cancer Is Curable if Detected Early so EARLY DETECTION LEADS TO CURE.

Mobile Breast Cancer Detection Unit has various facilities like

  1. Mammogram Machine.
  2. Registration desk.
  3. Laboratory (Automatic processor).
  4. Examination chamber.
  5. Changing room.
  6. View Box.
  7. It is fully backed up by generator and has audio visual system installed in it.

The Breast Cancer Detection Camp comprises of the following activities

  1. Free Registration of the patients.
  2. Free Physical Examination by the Doctor.
  3. Free Mammograms.
  4. Free Counselling.
  5. Awareness Talk.
  6. Distribution of Self Examination Pamphlets and awareness litratures.
  7. Screening of Breast Cancer Awareness Films.
  8. Screening of the awareness film depicting various camps conducted by ROKO CANCER in other states.
  9. A talk by an oncologist/doctor/radiologist

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